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tv   10 O Clock News  KICU  November 29, 2012 11:30pm-12:30am PST

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happening now, h heavy rain in the north bay is starting to move south across the region. it's going to pour overnight and make a mess of the morning commute. good evening i'm julie haener. >> and i'm frank somerville. a flash flood watch is posted tonight for much of the bay area, heavy rain is falling right now in some areas and that rain is expected to spread across the entire region overnight. we have team coverage this evening our chief meteorologist bill martin says the timing of this storm may be changing. maureen naylor is in stanford
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where 60,000 people are expected to gather tomorrow morning. and amber lee is going to show us why the morning commute is going to be a mess but we begin with jana katsuyama with where the heaviest rain has been falling so far. >> reporter: it's been a downpour here. crews have been here trying to clear out the leaves and the debris from low lying areas and we are on third street where you can see the road dips down. that's the area where police are concerned about. they're expecting for a lot of rain to fill this area. water has already saturated the ground and more rain keeps falling. >> during intense rainfalls it rises rapidly. >> reporter: fire officials say people should be weary of
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streams and rivers as well as pooling water and flooding. >> if you find standing water and you cannot tell how deep it is do not drive through it. it doesn't take a lot of water to either move a vehicle or float a vehicle. >> reporter: tonight just a small pile of sand remains at the municipal yard. trash cans strategically marked and placed around the move to catch any leaks from heavy rain. in heelsburg rain fell on the russian river where rain is expected to flood but remained normal this week. >> it's had a couple of breaks so it hasn't been that ball. >> reporter: but if the river stalls, the area could've problems. >> reporter: the big flood was on the west side of town where the auto malls all got under
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beneath water. >> reporter: emergency responders say they will be watching the rivers and responding to emergencies overnight. and we mentioned a timing on this storm has chained a little bit. our latest computer model which has done a good job with the last couple of storms has sped this up a little bit. it's going to move through earlier than we anticipated. right now we have rain in san quentin, san rafael we have moderate rainfall. i'm getting reports of heavy rain up in cascade canyon. novato, south novato. the system is on the move and it's going to start working its way south. here we are at american canyon, light to moderate rainfall. just got a report from portola
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valley, they're getting heavier rainfall. what's going to happen here in the next couple of hours is this front is going to start to migrate. and when it moves it's going to move fast and it's going to be wet. it's going to be windy. when i come back from my next hit. i'm going to roll you through that morning commute because it's going to be nasty with that latest computer model. people around the bay area are filling up on sandbags. the city of pleasant hill is one of many places where people can fill up sandbags for their homes and businesses. this man told us he wants to be prepared because it's not just one day of rain but several in a row. for areas where you can pick up free sandbags. go to a car pile up left one car on top of another. it happened just before 3:30 in the northbound lanes at the capital expressway off ramp. it's not clear if the crash was weather related but the road
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was wet at the time. one person suffered minor injuries. your friday morning commute could be bad or really bad depending on the speed and timing of this storm. amber lee is live now in marin county where she's been asking road crews what they've been doing to prevent problems on the roadway. >> reporter: it's quite windy out here. we're by the lucky drive expressway. an area that likely gets flooded with the storms. we spoke to a tow truck driver who says he expects the calls to double with the heavy rain. >> with the heavy wind we've been having, the water tends to back up a little bit -- a little bit more. >> reporter: as soon as it
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started driving, moore started responding. his company is hired by chp to move stalled vehicles as quickly as possible. >> i expect tomorrow morning to be pretty busy. >> reporter: the driver of this black sedan told us he was rear ended, pushing him into the vehicle in front of him. >> you just can't be safe enough. you just can't be safe enough, careful enough it's carry out here. >> it goes back to day one of driver's ed. wet roadway, slow down. hopefully you won't epd end up in a situation like this. >> reporter: today caltrans brought us into their traffic management in oakland. it has cameras managing roads in realtime. the agency says flooding on freeways isn't caused by mother
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nature alone, that's debris that flood roadways. the chp tells us if necessary nonpatrol officers will be reassigned to hit the roadways tomorrow morning. the advise is, slow down and give yourself extra time to get to your destination. reporting live along 101 in san rafael, amber lee, ktvu channel 2 news. and stay with ktvu in five minutes we will go live to stanford, hosting tomorrow's pac12 championship game. the precautions being taken to protect the field. plus bill returns with more on the rain and how it will impact the day. then the next system and how that will affect the weekend plan. two 17 boys and a 23-year- old man are all in jail accused of sexually assaulting a 13- year-old girl. police say the attack happened around 9:30 last night on escuela avenue near castro park
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and castro elementary school. police say the girl had been drinking alcohol with the suspects before they assaulted her. and witnesses say it appears that the girl was drunk. >> we believe they knew each other. they were acquainted, and we believe they are responsible for this crime. >> reporter: tonight the two teenagers and 23-year-old mario pinto are still being questioned by police. the 13-year-old girl is back home recovering with her family. developing news tonight, we have late word just in that a developmentally disabled girl who went missing 24 hours ago has been found. she is alive but this is not a happy ending. eric rasmussen is live at the fruitvale b.a.r.t. station where the autistic girl was found. >> reporter: police confirmed that this 16-year-old girl was in fact, found on the other side of the bay in san
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francisco. but we also talked to her father about 20 minutes ago who told us he got a call from investigators who told us his daughter appeared to have been beaten and sexually assaulted. back on tuesday, the 16-year- old girl who's autistic walked away from the fred finch youth center, a residential facility for children and teens and lost site of her at the fruitvale station. the girl's father says she has the mental capacity of a six or 7-year-old girl. and before she was found, her father told me she believed she had been taken by six or seven men. despite her many challenges she was just like any other girl. >> she likes to color and loves justin bieber music and just
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adores pink. she loves wearing pink. and likes diary of a wimpy kid. she's just, she's a sweet kid. she has some issues but she's a sweet kid. >> reporter: now according to the girl's father she has been taken to highland hospital here in oakland. in a short statement tonight police would not discuss her condition or the circumstances surrounding her disappearance. however opd does say that investigators are meeting with this girl and they plan to have an update tomorrow. we're live in oakland, eric rasmussen, ktvu news. new information concerning a man shot and killed in east oakland last night. we now know his identity. police say he was 26-year-old francisco rosas of alameda. he was inside a car at the intersection of russet and moore. an officer found him after hearing gunshots. lottery officials have
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verified two winning tickets from last night's power ball jackpot. one of the winning tickets was sold here at the four sons convenience store in the suburb of phoenix the other was sold in missouri. one of those winners is expected to come forward tomorrow morning. and as we told you before, power ball is expected to come to california. power ball tickets will be available in california starting april 8thover next year. - - april 8th of next year. we'll give you a detailed look at the storm's path and how much rain it will bring. >> the stadium is covered tonight because of the rain. we're going to take
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the rain likely won't keep fans from heading to the pac12 championship game at stanford tomorrow night. maureen naylor is live now at the farm to tell us about the extra precautions being taken tonight to protect the surf, maureen. >> reporter: this is a first for the stanford stadium, behind me they have wrapped the
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scoreboard in pac12 logos. inside the yard is wrapped as well. >> reporter: it is covered with tarp and weighed down with sandbags. >> it's pretty wet right now already. >> reporter: he has a hard time sleeping when it rains before a big game. he's watching the weather forecast very carefully. >> we've been watching it hourly to see when the put the tarps down, when to cover it up and we're watching it for when we take it up tomorrow. >> reporter: tomorrow his eyes will be in the sky but he knows the field is equipped with a drainage system. >> we're mostly concerned with player safety and then that it looks good for tv. >> reporter: they'll be ready
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for when ucla takes on stanford and the winner goes to the rose bowl. >> it's the granddaddy of them all. it's a big deal tomorrow night. >> reporter: as the light fell on the campus, we found both ucla and stanford allum buying tickets. >> reporter: if you want to see it tickets are still available starting at $80 each. the game starts at 5:00 tomorrow night. live at stanford, maureen naylor. ktvu channel 2 news. you can watch that game right here on ktvu. our coverage begins at 4:30 after an early edition of ktvu news. pelestinians scored a special recognition with the vote of the special assembly. the general assembly voted overwhelmingly to recognize a palestinian state. that vote gives palestine the status of a nonmember observer state. this is a major diplomatic defeat for the united states which was one of nine countries
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voting no. >> today's unfortunate and counter productive resolution places further obstacles in the path to peace. >> pelestinians in romala on the west bank celebrated but the reality of a palestinian state is still a long way away. especially because pelestinians would first have to negotiate with israel over a claim for land. an economic report set the stock markets higher. the dow gained 36, nasdaq gained 20. the economy is growing at a healthier rate than expected and unemployment applications fell. shares of san francisco based zynga took a hit after it and facebook changed their relationship. the company will no longer have to use facebook ads. and facebook will not be the
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exclusive site for zynga. shares were selling for $2.30 after being up before that news broke. a bankruptcy court gave hostess approval to wind down operations. it's estimated more than 100 panes want to make twinkies, double dogs and ding dongs. a woman found screaming in a interception was high on bath salts. the department is cracking down on the sale of synthetic can c -- canabanoid known as spice. bath salts have been linked to suicide and bizarre behavior. san jose police say six men and one woman accused of fighting with officers at a house party last weekend are being charged with felonies and gang enhancements. officers arrested 42 people
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last friday night at this house on pat avenue. police say people threw things at them when they showed up to investigate reports of gunshots. the suspects range in age from 18 to 44 years old. oakland police are not giving up in their effort to curb violent crime plaguing the city. ktvu's paul chambers tell us about the police chief's new plan to put more patrols on the street without hiring additional officers. >> reporter: leaving the city at a disadvantage when dealing with criminals. but the chief has a plan that will add 24 officers on the street on the weekend. >> we're asking officers to volunteer overtime to patrol the streets when we believe there's increase in crime. >> having some coverage, having some protection for the citizens of oakland is what we really need to work on. >> reporter: and the chief is
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doing just that. he added 20 officers to the gang investigation unit and two officers dedicated to working with the atf to get illegal guns off the street. also some officers have been reassigned to different departments to improve staffing in the field. but that's just the beginning. >> we just saw a $10 million increase in our ongoing revenues i believe there's nothing more important that we should be spending this money on than public safety. >> reporter: that money will be used to hire 20 officers to work the streets, also bringing alameda sheriff deputies to patrol the streets for at least 20 days and fund a new police academy. >> somehow we've got to figure out how to get the authorized strength back up. >> reporter: there are 50 people in a current academy. yet another one will start in march. today's request will go before
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a full council in january. former president george h.w. bush remains in a houston hospital tonight. a spokesperson reveals he's been at methodist hospital since the day after thanksgiving. bush has been suffering from viral bronchitis. the 88-year-old former president also had a form of parkinson's disease and that makes it difficult for him to walk. he is recovering from his bronchitis. it should be through the bay area a little more rapidly you will see it here. it is raining heavy along the coast and in san rafael. even parts of san francisco out by the cliff house. 1:00a.m., you see the bulk of it now moving through the central bay. that's about three hours earlier than it was going to be. at 2:00 a.m. you see real heavy stuff around
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here near the san mateo coastline. wind gusts of up to 30 to 50- miles-an-hour. 4:00a.m. you see it starting to taper. it's in the south bay. the commute is just starting. the early commute. there's the back edge. santa rosa is just starting to see some breaks. you see the break here from san francisco south, we go a little further to 7:00 a.m. and you see the heavy stuff through. still a very wet morning commute. north by bay 5:00 a.m. the rest of us by 8:00 a.m. back here in the next forecast we're going to look at the next system on sunday and it's as strong as this. flood control officials say they have prepared for flooding as best as they can. there are canals that are engineered to handle severe storms like these in walnut creek. but officials are worried about people who ignore warning signs and venture into the canals. in fact, two children died last year in one of those canals.
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uncontrolled creeks are prone to flooding. actress lindsay lohan back in trouble with the law. her arrest in new york city and the separate charges she faces here in california. >> it's surprising, it's really surprising and kind of scary. but up first a woman attacked inside her have a good night. here you go. you, too.
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i'm going to dream about that steak. i'm going to dream about that tiramisu.
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what a night, huh? but, um, can the test drive be over now? head back to the dealership? [ male announcer ] it's practically yours. but we still need your signature. volkswagen sign then drive is back. and it's never been easier to get a passat. that's the power of german engineering. get $0 down, $0 due at signing, $0 deposit, and $0 first month's payment on any new volkswagen. visit today. a palo alto woman she had a frightening encounter earlier today. police say someone entered her locked apartment when she was sound asleep with the intention of sexually assaulting her. paul ruben tills us how the woman reacted. >> reporter: palo alto police say they might step up patrol
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and staffing after a home invasion last night. it happened at this apartment complex off of hawthorn avenue. the victim, a stanford graduate was inside her home. investigators say when she screamed and fought back he ran. the victim never got a good look at her face. and police worry this may not have been an isolated incident. they're looking at past crimes including three prior groping cases, all happened near by. >> that's part of our investigation to look at is this an individual who started out by doing gropings, escalated into an attempted sexual assault. what we're trying to prevent is a completed sexual assault. >> reporter: the victim in this case suffered a bruised wrist but was other wise unharmed. authorities are trying to determine whether she might have been followed home. neighbors say they will be extra cautious until the man is caught. >> it does make me take a
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second glass when i'm out. even in the daytime because you can't take anything for granted. >> reporter: anyone with information in this case is asked to call palo alto police. in palo alto, ann rubin. a san diego mother is making her annual trip to san francisco after her son was killed in golden gate park four years ago today. we caught up with kristin evans as she posted reward fliers near the horseshoe pit where her son was killed. brandon evans had been shot there while getting his phone from his car. >> i expected for things to get better and easier as time goes on. but it's actually been the opposite for me. it's actually worse. >> reporter: a $100,000 reward is being offered in this case. evans says she hopes her posters will convince anyone with information to come
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forward and help solve the case. actress lindsay lohan is in trouble with the law once again. the actress left a new york city police precinct this morning you can see there with that coat over her head. she was arrested at a manhattan nightclub. lohan reportedly punch another girl seen here in the face following a verbal altercation. the actress was also charged with three misdemeanors for lying to santa monica police following a traffic accident in june along the pacific coast highway. the run is an honor of my childhood friend. >> she has run 3,200 miles and has just three to go. one woman's mission to help others in the name of a dear friend. >> they're calling it a shock.
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back now to the storm will be bringing rain to the north bay. bill what are you seeing. >> that's representing the heavier rainfall. we move in closer we're near -- near petaluma. nevato some heavier rain. and then we head south out toward the fremont area and hayward just light rain. but it's all spreading south as we go through the next few hours this area is going to
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drive south with significant rain and significant wind. so when i come back in a few minutes we're going to take a look at the rest of this storm's timing and we get into the next storm which is equally as strong. the faa issued an advisory due to the low cloud ceiling. some flights are being delayed as much as five hours. only about 20% of the departures are on time. oakland international is experiencing short delays while san jose international is operating normally. the coast guard wants boaters and beachgoers to be extra careful because of the storms. the coast guard is advising people to avoid low lying beaching. an important reminder for dog owners, dogs are typically stronger swimmers than people.
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so do not attempt to rescue a dog from a surf zone. it was a busy day for tree trimmers in the north bay. the one type of tree they say homeowners murder in the second on the look out for. on you can track the rain. you can find it online, on your mobile device or through our website. the family owned oyster company is being forced to shut down. ktvu science editor john fowler says how the decision came from the president's organization. >> reporter: after almost a century on these pristine waters, -- his family business
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gone. 30 businesses instantly out of work. customers also stunned. >> it's so sad that now this will not happen anymore. we could very well be the last people. >> reporter: we showed you secretary salazar visiting. there were no public hearings. it's gotten praise for sustainability, low environmental impact and jobs in rural marine. juan and jorge mata loses his job tomorrow. his wife and other families living on the property are going to have to move out of their home. >> i feel bad. >> reporter: what are you going to do? >> i don't know. >> reporter: it will force up prices. >> this will be a crushing blow to seafood production in california. >> reporter: this area where sir francis drake first landed 433 years ago is now to be
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california's first federally designated marine wilderness area. at drake's, john fowler. san francisco is ready to celebrate should marriage become legal once again in california. the u.s. supreme court could announce as early as tomorrow afternoon whether it will review the challenge to proposition eight. that same prop says banned same- sex marriage. but if the justices decide not to hear the case then a lower court ruling that found that ban unconstitutional would stand. san francisco city hall is preparing for a rush of same- sex couples and there are also plans under way for a large celebration in the castro district on monday night. >> today house speaker john boehner rejected president obama's proposal to avoid the fiscal cliff. boehner said no progress was
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made. boehner accused democrats of not being serious of real spending cuts. but democrats say republicans are causing the hold up. the proposal consisted of $1.6 trillion in higher taxes, they also wanted 50 billion for infrastructure. the president in return approved spending cuts this year and legislation for saving up to $400 million for programs like medicare over a decade. former rivals president obama and governor romney spoke in private. and what they said remains in private. the white house did release a photo and reported that they had white turkey chili and south western chicken salad.
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when romney arrived, a man ran up to him and said something. secret service quickly ran up to him. imagine running the equivalent of a marathon a day. patty lee shows us what inspired a 25-year-old san francisco woman to spend the past five months making this cross country journey. it took four months, 3,200 miles and 12 pairs of running shoes to get here: but this morning kelsie harrison ran to and through marin county. she started the run in july in new york city. >> the run is in honor of my friend who passed away with lung cancer right after we
12:07 am
graduated. >> reporter: costelo was diagnosed with lung cancer. the nonsmoking teammate never stopped believing. >> it's really hard thinking about why did it happen to her. but i think that that was the point. that it can happen to anyone. >> reporter: friend and teammate sidney ford is serving as harrison's support team on the road. >> every once in a while i go out there with kelsie on the road and i realize what 30 miles a day is. >> reporter: kelsey will cross the bay bridge. >> i see these young people just doing amazing things and telling me that jill inspired them. >> reporter: there's only 3-1/2 miles to go but harrison is waiting for a reason. it's the tate -- it's the date they would have celebrated jill's 25th birthday. patty lee, ktvu news. in need of a fix?
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why campus police say a system designed to keep students safe at san jose state university keeps failing. and back here in just 10 minutes the exact timing on tomorrow's rain. and then we're going to move into sunday's rain and have the computer forecast for that as well. back here
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firefighters said they quickly put out a fire today following an explosion at the chevron plant. we're told it could be seen for
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miles. kerin county fire officials say the fire started at a wash tub. police at san jose state university say they are trying to fix a faulty emergency phone system on campus. >> campus police this is adam. >> adam this is john. >> reporter: you see what the problem is. the phone failed to test because the dispatcher could not hear the caller. there's 3,000 phones that are supposed to provide help. in news of the world tonight in syria, rebels and the government are blaming each other after we -- after
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internet went down today. in norway, authorities released video of brevick setting off the bomb. that explosion is shown from several different cameras. eight people were killed and nearly 200 were wounded. later brevcik shot and killed 60 people at a youth camp. in france, a judge overturned the decision of continental jet crash. the metal punctured the tire of the air france concord which sent rubber into the fuel tank causing an explosion. 113 people were killed. the famous bat mobile from the bat man tv series back in the 60s is being put for auction. the car is actually a tricked
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out 1955 lincoln futura. it will be sold in scotts dale in february. the auction house won't say how much it's hoping to get for the car but some say they think it could be in the millions. a rescue at sea. new video from a bay area crew on the mission to help an
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. an injured sailor is being treated after the national guard rescue him from a vessel in the pacific ocean. this is new video now coast guard video of the crew arriving at marin core. that sailor is now being treated at a hospital in the area. crews in the santa cruz
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mountains took advantage of a break between storms today to clear out some dead trees. robert handa tells us which particular kind of trees are at the greatest risk of coming down over the next few days. >> reporter: the hodge family loves living under the huge trees in san lomond but with the saturated land, they were concerned about a tree. the hodges called travis tree professionals which worked quickly to try to beat the storm. >> fir trees are the worse ones to have around. redwoods will sway with the wind a lot but the fir trees are the ones you have to be concerned about. >> reporter: as travis team cut
12:17 am
the fir tree, the owner tackled the tree that fell in the creek. >> there's one more cut that's cutting that whole tree up. i couldn't cut it because if i do it will roll over and smash me. >> reporter: travis tree beat the storm and got rid of the looming fir. robert and ryan hodge were relieved. >> i can go to bed at night and feel good about it. because the bedroom is right there. i'm glad it all got taken care of. >> reporter: they were able to cut up the tree enough so that it'll be swept away downstream. in the santa cruz mountains, robert handa, ktvu channel 2 news. the race was on today to protect homes and neighborhoods in san francisco from storm damage. the department of public works was rushing to trim and remove trees that might come down in this next series of storms. an aging acasia tree was
12:18 am
weakened by heavy rain and it crashed down on a bernal home. >> if you see leaves in front of your sidewalk, don't sweep it into the gutter. pick it up. help us out on this. >> reporter: the city is also keeping an eye on the great highway. crews have reopened the roadway at ocean beach after flooding and sand erosion there. live storm tracker 2 picking up rainfall. it's been heaviest in the north. some heavier rainfall showing up in san rafael and nevato. we're going to see strong winds coming out in this direction. it's going to be perpendicular to the san mateo bridge. so the morning commute is going to be an issue. tomorrow morning look for
12:19 am
flooding on the roadway, ponding water like lucky drive because of the rain tonight. we're going to see some dangerous cross winds on bridges and the commute times are going to be longer than you would think for a friday morning which would often be a problem without rain. this storm is coming in right now. it's ahead of schedule by three or four hours. heaviest rain will be at 5:00 this morning. this is storm number two, it comes in. we get a break tomorrow afternoon. that's good. we get a bit of a break on saturday. so the breaks are huge. we talked about it last night. here we are 2:00 a.m. it's right over the heart of the bay area even down toward fremont. that's heavy rain for almost all of us. by # -- by 5:00 a.m. it's clearing out and it's the heaviest commute. san jose you're going to get a nasty morning commute. around 7:00 a.m. it starts to move out of san jose with scattered showers and standing water on the roadways.
12:20 am
as we get our break in the afternoon, into friday evening, we're going to see that break continue as we go into saturday. see then it starts to rain again. but that break is crucial as you know. more rain in the forecast saturday. but it's more showers, a little bit of the break in the afternoon. i keep stressing these breaks because it's huge. then you get a break sunday afternoon. so it looks like we're in pretty good shape. if these breaks all happen like they're supposed to, it's good news. i put that sun in there on sunday. hoping for that break. sunday morning is going to be wet but we'll get a break. tomorrow morning early, then by the mid-morning early afternoon it's starting to clear out with scattered showers, heavy rain over. saturday showers, a few breaks and then sunday morning kind of nasty again with the break sunday afternoon. great for the watershed, great for the reservoirs that's what we need. >> bad for the commute tomorrow but not as bad as we thought. >> it's still going to be bad. it's not going to last as long.
12:21 am
4:00, 5:00, 6:00 in the morning. most people don't start commuting until 7:00 in the morning. water will be standing in the roadways and the wind will still be up. >> thank you, bill. >> okay. crews announced today that the silican valley advanced purification center is on track to open next summer. today we got a tour of the state of the art water recycling center in san jose. the new plant will help the county meet aggressive recycling goals. the project is funded by federal, state and local dollars. a southern
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most flights out of burbank's bob hope airport is cancelled tonight. the lights for one of two runways went dark. arriving flights have not been affected by the outage. those planes are able to land. officials at burbank airport at this point say they have no estimate on when those runway lights will be fixed. fred is in for mark tonight. some basketball to talk about. warriors played at home tonight how did they do? >> an exciting game actually. let's set the table. if golden state could win, they
12:25 am
would share first place with the clippers. but nuggets already beat the warriors twice this season. david lee scores 31 points, lee makes 13 of his 15 shots from the field. but it comes down to this. warriors led by one with .3 seconds left. .3 second. nuggets get the ball to iguodala and he makes it. alex smith is throwing 30 touchdowns and 10 interceptions since jim harbaugh became the 49ers head coach. yet smith suffered a concussion november 11 and that gave kaepernick the chance to shine. smith is now a back up. safe to say alex won't be
12:26 am
harbaugh's caddy at pebble beach. >> you sacrifice and spend so much time. you feel like you haven't got anything than get a concussion to really, to facilitate this. and i feel like i've been playing good football. >> play offs, don't talk about play offs. you kidding me. new orleans they're done. tonight in atlanta saints quarterback drew breas was intercepted a career high five timeless. and one td pass and add 54 games. the only team to beat atlanta falls 5-7 for the season. >> falcons quarterback throws this to tony gonzalez to make it 7-0. raiders are not only losing games they're losing their fans after 13 consecutive sell outs and four straight defeats. sunday's contest will be blacked out.
12:27 am
mcclain will not play sunday. he wrote on facebook he was no longer on the team. he has been under achieving on the field and this team he was kicked out of practice for yelling at coach allen. raiders have kicked others out for less. but has seemed to reject to push the button when it comes to mcclain. >> this is something we have to make the right decision. i don't know what signal anybody is looking for. we're going to you know make a decision and that's what we're going to do. >> get it done. san jose earthquakes chris uandalaski is named the best player of soccer. 26 goals. that man can hit. >> thank you for joining us tonight. >> the morning news will be tracking all that rain. where it's the heaviest and how
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it's affecting the morning commute. and we're always here for you on and mobile ktvu.
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